Script2Screen Contest

Photo by  on  Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash

DC APA Film Festival is launching a new type of short screenplay contest. Submit a short screenplay 10 pages or less. The winning script will be produced in partnership with Dimension FX Studios and OZ Productions, who will supply a professional crew, lights, and a Red Epic Dragoon camera package to bring the script to life.

We are looking for stories of any genre told through dynamic characters that can be produced within a budget of $4,000. So this means no elaborate space battles, CGI, stunts, explosions. Keep it simple. All locations must be set within a 25 radius of Washington, DC, excluding any national landmarks (i.e. Washington monument, the White House, Lincoln Memorial). The top 3 scripts will be read in front of a live audience on July 21, 2017, where the winning screenplay will be announced at the end. The winner’s script will be produced during the summer of 2017, and once complete, the final film will be shown during the 2018 festival.  

Awards & Prizes:
The final prize is a film production of the winning script. DC APA Film, in partnership with Dimension FX and OZ productions will supply the $4K budget, gear, and base crew which includes: a producer, director (or a directing mentor should the winning writer like to direct), a cinematographer, 1st AC, audio recorder, editor, music composer, and PAs. There is no cash value. The end product is a completed short film with a guaranteed entry into the 2018 DC APA FIlm Festival.

Check out our FAQ or Rules and Terms if you have any questions…or if you are ready to submit….


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