Be a Film Reviewer


Do you like film? Can you express your opinion in a few carefully crafted sentences? Do you have the passion and time to watch and evaluate 10 to 20 films? If so, then you will make an incredible reviewer.

What is the time commitment?
There will be official orientation and training meeting in December. While attendance is not mandatory it is highly recommended. At the meeting, you will meet other screeners, learn about how Asian Pacific American Film scores films and more. From December through January, you will be asked to watch between 10 to 20 films. Each film must be reviewed online — so that adds another 2 hours of processing time.

What is the date and location of the Reviewer Training Meeting?
Thursday, December 1st / 6:30-8:30 PM / MLK DC Public Library / 901 G Street, NW / Room A-9

What if I have to drop out of the process?
We hope that by planning now, you can prepare for planned travel and other commitments through out the winter. While we understand that things come up, if you need to resign, we will miss you.

I want to screen films, but know I will not be around during the festival week. What should I do?
It is also critical that films are screened by people with a passion for film, so, you will not be turned away from becoming a screener. 

I want to screen films but cannot attend the training meeting. What should I do?
The training meeting is critical to the process — even for those who have reviewed films for us in the past. The training requires a great deal of resources from our office, and we are only able to offer it once. We can set up online trainings for out of town reviewers, if there is a need.

I work strange hours. Will this be a problem?
No. This year everyone is reviewing films independently and online. So you can do this on your own schedule.

I do not live in the DC area. Can I still be a judge?
Yes. While we ask for people local to DC because they posses a sensibility that works well to select film for their neighbors, we can set up online trainings for out of town reviewers.

I was previously a screener. Do I need to attend the reviewer training meeting?
Thank you for your commitment in the past. This year, we have changed the system and require all screeners to attend a training.

What equipment do I need?
All reviewers need access to a laptop or desktop computer that has the capability to watch online films from services such as,, and others. While optional, we also recommend using a Chromecast or AppleTV unit to “stream” the films to a larger screen. iPads and most tablets are not sufficient.

I have more questions?…
Please email Paul Marengo, our Festival Director at with any further questions.