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2013 Fall Film Poster Series

Welcome to the Fall Film Poster Series

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Wouldn’t it be cool if every amazing memory was encapsulated as a film poster? Some memories are just too epic. Sometimes instagram pics just aren’t enough to capture the full range of emotions. So if I had to pick just one type of image to commemorate life milestones, I’d want to hire designers to create film posters. Sell that to Facebook’s timeline engineers.

Let’s think about it. Lord of the Rings film posters conjure symphonic orchestra and choir music and I feel compelled to sigh as if preparing for a journey. Anchorman’s film poster makes me think I’ve gone back in time and need to punch myself in the face for making the wrong kind of hero my role model. Whatever the case, the best film posters embody a climactic moment of the film. As for the abstract ones? Well, the filmmakers are just deep like that.

This fall, APA Film is transforming the way we think about our programming. As an organization, we are evolving to have a year-long presence as opposed to having a concentrated effort just one time per year. Our festival has been successful in the past, but we’d like to connect with our community on a more regular basis. This fall marks the beginning of this programmatic transition.

Like film posters, each of our events will focus on one film or one niche industry subject. Each event will carry a specific style. Each event will speak to a specific audience. So in honor of Our first 2013 Free Fall Series, we have a film poster series to present our pillar events. Of course, we will still have film outings (ie: LINsanity premiere on October 4), but the pillar events below were specifically created for APA Film’s Series. These are the events that you will want to remember as memorable connection with APA Film.

Stay tuned for more specifics about guest events and highlights.


(film screening with editor Q&A)
Sunday, October 6: 2:30pm
Goethe-Institut:  812 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
First come first serve so get there early!
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Will you still love me tomorrow (2)

(film screening followed by happy hour)
Saturday, October 12, 4pm
Goethe-Institut: 812 7th St, NW
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(panel discussion with pre-show and ice cream social)
Sunday, October 13: 2pm
Goethe-Institut: 812 7th St, NW
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(film screening with Director/Producer/Actor Q&A)
Thursday, November 7: 6:30pm
Busboys & Poets: 1025 5th St, NW
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