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Surrogate Valentine

Surrogate Valentine

Surrogate Valentine

Surrogate Valentine

Directed by: Dave Boyle
Runtime: 82 min
Year: 2010
Country: USA
Website: Official Website

Private reception for Closing Night film ticket holders following both screenings at the Goethe-Institut.

Goh Nakamura (playing himself) is a San Francisco musician trying to break into the music scene. In the meantime, he agrees to do a favor for a filmmaker friend and teaches TV star Danny (Chadd Stoops) how to play the guitar for his upcoming movie role. In an attempt to learn the ins and outs of being a “rock star,” Danny follows Goh on his West Coast tour.

Goh unexpectedly runs into his high school crush Rachel (Lynn Chen) while on tour. Danny, grateful for Goh’s help, tries to return the favor by playing wingman so Goh might get a second chance with Rachel.

Directed by Dave Boyle (White on Rice, screened at the 2009 DC APA Film Festival), Surrogate Valentine is a sweet, romantic comedy showcasing the music of Goh Nakamura.
—Sharon Kim

Dave Boyle, Director
Dave Boyle made his feature film debut in 2006 with the bilingual comedy Big Dreams Little Tokyo. Telling the story of wannabe-Japanese businessman Boyd Wilson (played by Boyle) and his sumo wrestler pal, the film won accolades for its deft portrayal of culture in an increasingly global world. In 2007, Boyle co-founded Tiger Industry Films with Michael Lerman. Boyle served as Executive Producer on Lerman’s 2008 directorial debut (with co-directors Alex Cannon and Paul Cannon), Natural Causes. Boyle’s second feature White on Rice was released theatrically in 2009 and was described by the San Francisco Chronicle as “a cinematic milestone.”

Surrogate Valentine Trailer HD from goh nakamura on Vimeo.

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