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Showing Tonight: Sex, Friendship, and Rock & Roll

Showing Tonight: Sex, Friendship, and Rock & Roll

The Film: The Crumbles
Screening Time: 8:00 pm
The Venue: Goethe-Institut
Run Time: 75 minutes

How many of us have said this: We should start a band? Those of us who raised our hands know that those five little words unleash a crazy mash-up of emotion and a trajectory of events that either leads to the band’s success or disbandment.

This film follows Darla, who kicks off the action of this film convincing her friend that they should start a band.

Darla’s long lost best friend Elisa, a free spirit, has just moved back to Los Angeles after a devastating break-up. Because no one else in their group of friends is willing to help her out, Darla offers up her couch. And Elisa crashes there… indefinitely.

Soon, Darla realizes that Eliza is the perfect partner for the band she’s been wanting to start up. But, once the band gets rolling things start to work against them: obsession, insecurity, heartache, and hard-to-manage egos. They both share dreams of rock stardom, but can they be more than “the greatest band in the world– read more nobody’s ever heard of”?

-Cherisse Yanit-Nadal


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