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Saturday: Movie + Concert Night With SULU DC!

Saturday: Movie + Concert Night With SULU DC!

This is going to be an amazing weekend for Asian Americans in the arts! Come check out our 7 pm screening of Surrogate Valentine, and you can still make it over to the Artisphere in Rosslyn, VA for the Sulu DC October show (our community partners in crime in the Asian-American arts) starting at 9 p.m.! In fact, if you bring your Surrogate Valentine ticket stub to the Artisphere, you will get $5 off of the admission price.

Hosted by multifaceted theater artist Paige Hernandez, the terrific lineup for the Sulu DC October show features rap-funk-ska-punk collective P.I.C., Brooklyn pop/storytelling quartet Little Anchor, and (count ‘em) three DJs – the Pinstriped Rebel, DJ Un-G (from P.I.C.), and DJ Mas – spinning tunes all night long. We know you’ll be ripe for a musical night and some booty shakin’ after hearing the touching indie pop tunes by Goh Nakamura in Surrogate Valentine.

DC APA Film garage door broken boca raton Sulu DC are thrilled to together be able to create such an amazing package where you can see so much mind-blowing Asian-American artistic and musical talent on display in the nation’s capital. Check us out!


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