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Saturday: Come Check Out Some Films!

Saturday: Come Check Out Some Films!

Flashes - screening at 9 p.m.

We’ve got a packed lineup today. Here’s a rundown on what is screening today:

Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words, 1 p.m.
Star of both silent and sound pictures, Chinese American actress Anna May Wong lent her unmatched talent to such lauded works as Shanghai Express alongside Marlene Dietrich. She was the first Chinese American movie star, and started out in silent films at age 17. This screening is FREE at the Freer Gallery of Art!

Preceded by Suite Suite Chinatown and A Tree Falls in the Forest

Big in Bollywood, 3:30 p.m.
As an Indian American actor working in Los Angeles, Omi Vaidya is subject to type-casting and less than desirable supporting roles. That is, of course, until he happens to land a dream role in one of the biggest Bollywood films of all time. He becomes a star… in India.

Click here to see Asians on Film’s interview with Omi Vaidya.

This screening is FREE at the Freer Gallery of Art!

Shorts Program: Crossing Cultures, 4 p.m.
This collection of short films is filled with stories of the struggles of love, life, and family that resonate across lands and cultures.

Featuring: The Potential Wives of Norman Mao, Tu & Eu, Maintenance Man, Standing in Water, Floating Lanterns, Chocolate Meat and Firecracker (Fatakra)

Click here to purchase tickets!

Shorts Program: Love, Dance and Donkey Kong, 7 p.m.
If we’re lucky, passion and love enter our lives every day – passion for nature, romantic love, or even the love of a grandparent. This series of shorts showcases the many different ways passion and love play a role in our lives.

Featuring: Hip Star, Boys & Girls, 11 24, Young Ligaw, My Name is Seven, Square Dance Story, I Just Love chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer phoenix Paddle and Doctor Kong

Click here to purchase tickets!

The Girl from the Naked Eye, 9 p.m.
Non-stop action. Murder. Sex. Beautiful women. A bad-ass antihero. Mystery. All these elements combine to make the ultimate Asian-American neo-noir in director David Ren’s (Shanghai Kiss) second feature film, The Girl from the Naked Eye.

Preceded by Flashes.

Click here to purchase tickets!


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