Saturday, April 23rd


Atlantic Plumbing Cinema / 807 V Street, NW
Except the Community Screening at the Embassy of the Philippines

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
SOLD OUT (Tickets Make be available at the door) – YOUTH & THEIR STORIES
SCREENING TICKET ($15.00) / FULL EVENT LISTING (APA Film Society $125.00)
Community Partner: Asian American Student Union @ American University, DC Chinese Film Festival, The Chinese Youth Club of Washington, DC

POV Youth Short – AALEAD (Website) / A short promotional film about the impact AALEAD has on their mentored youths and what it means to find empowerment, identity, and leadership from their experience with AALEAD

BEATHIN’: THE EDDY ZHENG STORY Directed By Ben Wang (58 Min / Documentary / US / Website / Facebook / Trailer) / At the age of 16, Eddy Zheng committed an armed home invasion robbery that included kidnapping the owner to her business in order to rob the store. Charged as an adult even though he was just 16, Eddy was sentenced to 7 years to life in prison. BREATHIN’ will tell the story of how this young Chinese immigrant survived 19 years in the California prison system, the ways that cultural stigma and secrets caused shame and trauma for Eddy and his parents, and Eddy’s attempts to make amends with his parents, his victims, and himself.


1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
EVENT TICKET (Complimentary Admission, RSVP Required)
Community Partners: Women in Film and Video

We have all read about lack of representation of women in the film & television industry. With Vimeo and other programs designed to give women opportunities to succeed in the film, there is still a lack of representation. How do we create a sustainable industry where women have a space to thrive and succeed. Join industry experts as we discuss this very current topic!

PANEL MODERATOR: Melissa Houghton, Executive Director, Women in Film and Video
PANELIST: Marissa Aroy, Director of Delano Manongs  <Bio>
PANELIST: Peilin Kuo, Director of  To Die to Dream <Bio>
PANELIST: Rhonda Mendoza <Bio>


3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
SCREENING TICKET ($15.00) / FULL EVENT LISTING (APA Film Society $125.00)
Community Partners: DC Independent Film Festival, Docs in Progress

Filmmaker, Peilin Kuo will in attendance…

To Die or To Dream Directed by Peilin Kuo (3:10 mins / Documentary / US / Website / Facebook / Trailer) / Chinese American actress, Anna May Wong, is caught in a dark alternate celluloid reality. She relives her cinematic past over and over while deciding how she wants to be portrayed as an actress.

The Take Over Directed by Jennifer Alphonses ( 1 hr / Documentary / India / Website / Facebook / Trailer) / Cinema one of the greatest Art forms of our time…providing popular entertainment is the preeminent forum for ideas and self-expression. Since the time of its invention late 1880s, Cinema has used moving images to create amazing works. Indian Cinema especially has seen a tremendous change in Filmmaking process.. More and more movies are either partly or entirely digital constructions that are created with computers and eventually retrieved from drives at our local multiplex or streamed to the large and small screens of our choice. Right before our eyes, Indian Cinema is undergoing a revolution that may have more far reaching, fundamental impact than the introduction of sound, color or television.


4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
SCREENING TICKET ($15.00) / FULL EVENT LISTING (APA Film Society $125.00)
Community Partners: Women in Film and Video

Sunset Cosmetics Directed by So Young Shelly Yo (10 min / Narrative Drama / Korean / Website) / After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, an old woman named Soonie decides to get plastic surgery so her husband in heaven can recognize her.

Filmmaker, Dianne Griffin will be in attendance…

Painted Nails Directed by Dianne Griffin, Erica Jordan​ ​and Nhung Pham (56 min / Narrative Documentary / US / Website / Facebook / Twitter / Trailer) / In “Painted Nails” we witness the American dream crumble when Van, a Vietnamese nail salon worker, discovers her health problems, including two miscarriages, are the result of toxic chemicals in the products used in her salon. She courageously becomes involved in the fight for safe cosmetics. Van transforms from a self-described shy woman who speaks minimal English to a forthright advocate who testifies before Congress. In Washington, DC, at hearings for the Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act, Van, now pregnant, steps forward to speak out for all people exposed to the toxic chemicals in personal care products.


6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
SOLD OUT (Tickets Make be available at the door) – THE MEANING OF FAMILY
SCREENING TICKET ($15.00) / FULL EVENT LISTING (APA Film Society $125.00)
Community Partners: The Immigration Film Festival

Film Producer, Baldwin Chiu will be in attendance… 

Finding Cleveland Directed by Larissa Lam (12:24 min / Doc Short / US / Website / Facebook / Twitter / Trailer) / Finding Cleveland is a documentary short film that follows Charles Chiu and his family on an emotional journey as they take a trip to Cleveland, Mississippi to visit the grave site of Charles’ father, KC Lou. In less than 48 hours, Charles has many surprising encounters with the local townspeople, who help fill in some blanks about the father he never knew. He also learns of the Chinese Exclusion Act, a discriminatory law against Chinese immigrants and the struggles his father faced in a pre-civil rights era.

Filmmaker, Alvin Tsang will be in attendance…

Reunification Directed by Alvin Tsang (1 hr: 25 min / Narrative Doc / Hong Kong / US / Website / Trailer) / Between faded family photographs, old video footage, and interviews collected through the years, Alvin Tsang’s REUNIFICATION bears the look and feel of a documentary that’s taken decades to produce. Perhaps it required all that time for Tsang to fully process his family’s history and confront his own emotionally turbulent upbringing. For the audience though, that passing of time is key to the film’s powerful portrayal of tireless emotional reconciliation. When his mother and two siblings first immigrated from Hong Kong to Los Angeles in the early 1980s, six-year-old Alvin was forced to stay behind with his working, and consequently absent, father. Spending the following three years often alone in an empty apartment, he longed for his family’s reunification. However, upon Alvin and his father’s arrival to America, that dream was utterly and permanently shattered under circumstances the filmmaker has yet to fully comprehend to this day.


8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
CROSS  (Short) + JIAOLIAN “COACH” (Feature)
SCREENING TICKET ($15.00) / FULL EVENT LISTING (APA Film Society $125.00)
Community Partner: DC Chinese Film FestivalThe Chinese Youth Club of Washington, DC

Filmmaker, Gerry Maravilla will be in attendance…

CROSS Directed by Gerry Maravilla (9:49 min / Dark Drama / US / Facebook / Twitter / Trailer) / A youth is lured into the world of backyard boxing in order to save his mother’s life.

Filmmaker, Esteban Arguello will be in attendance…

JIAOLIAN “COACH” Directed by Esteban Argüello (1 hr: 15 min / Doc / China / Website / Facebook / Twitter / Trailer) / Jiàoliàn [Coach] is the story of 27 year-old Norman de Silva, an American who overnight becomes the head coach of the Foshan Long Lions, a professional basketball team in China, and in order to win he must help his player’s regain their love of basketball.