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Resident Aliens: A Cambodian/American Story

Resident Aliens: A Cambodian/American Story

Resident Aliens

Resident Aliens: A Cambodian/American Story

Directed by: Ross Tuttle
Runtime: 50 min
Year: 2010
Country: Cambodia/USA
Language: English and Khmer with English subtitles

Resident Aliens is the story of three Cambodian-born refugees who have grown up in America, but for different reasons, are deported back to their native country. After living a majority of their lives as Americans, they must adjust to their circumstances in an unfamiliar homeland. This compelling documentary takes the audience on a tour of daily struggles, employment, old habits, self-doubt, family, and responsibilities.

KK, China, and Looney live in the unpredictable city of Phnom Penh, where every day is a battle ground of trials and tribulations. KK negotiates the transition from gang-banger to big brother to the local youth. China has difficulty with her medical condition, while Looney perseveres in his relationship with China. Facing constant challenges, each new resident finds a way to cope with their new reality.
—Zandra Wilson

resident aliens trailer from Ross tuttle on Vimeo.

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Voice Unknown

Voice Unknown

Directed by: Jinhee Park
Runtime: 33 min
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Language: Korean personal injury attorney boca English subtitles

2011 DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival – Best Documentary Short

In the spring of 2007, Faith Kim embarked on the treacherous journey out of North Korea, her homeland. Risking her life, as well as the lives of her loved ones, she recounts her story.


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