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My Film Habit: Make Yourself at Home

My Film Habit: Make Yourself at Home

By Allison Lyzenga, My Film Habit

This is a seriously creepy film. But it’s also totally amazing. This is the kind of film that probably really catches audiences off guard, because it starts off pretty innocently, then turns around and gives you a metaphorical sucker punch to the gut before you realize what’s happened.

I was expecting this to be your average story about a shy, new Korean bride being completely harassed by her overbearing new mother-in-law, while here spineless husband looks on. And it does start off that way. But then, about halfway through, this feature film by Soopum Sohn turns into something very, very different.

The sinister nature of this story really creeps up on you slowly. Our young bride starts behaving a little strangely, but at first we just think it’s because she isn’t used to American customs yet, and doesn’t know what is expected of her. And then we figure that she must have finally grown a backbone, and has become strong enough to ask her husband for what she wants, and stand up to her pushy mother-in-law.

But then things start to get really weird. As she begins to spend more and more time dropping by the neighbor-couple’s house uninvited, we realize we are dealing with a crazy person here. Sohn creates an unbelievably suspenseful and nerve-wracking film. The film features incredibly gorgeous, but menacing visual shots that will make your flesh crawl.

You know a film has got to be good when the director tells you that he sees audience members regularly walk out halfway through because they are so offended. That’s my kind of film.

Tale of Lux

Film: Tale of Lux

This is also a pretty chilling film. This short film by Hyunmin Danny Lee is a story about intense sibling jealousy, and possibly about the early years of a budding, little psychopath. All Lux wants is a little one-on-one time with her mom, but her fussy baby brother is doing a really good job of making sure that that won’t be happening any time soon. And Lux hates little Joshua from the bottom of her heart.

I guess these are pretty normal feelings for a little kid to have. My mom tells me that it took me years to forgive her for every bringing my baby brother home when I was 2 1/2. But, my reaction was to just mildly shun the child–refusing to call him by his name for the first few years of his life, preferring the impersonal “baby” instead.

But, little Lux, here, takes things to a whole different level. This affordable home products a pretty disturbing short film. An the audience was quite clearly shocked by its intensity. But, I’m always impressed by directors that can elicit such strong emotional reactions with their work. And this one is a jaw-dropper.

Allison Lyzenga writes about films on her website My Film Habit.


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