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My Film Habit: D.C. APA Film Festival Day 4 Report

My Film Habit: D.C. APA Film Festival Day 4 Report

Chase Thompson, A Film by Chase Thompson

By Allison Lyzenga, My Film Habit

Shorts Program: No Day But Today

Film: Chase Thompson, A Film By Chase Thompson

This was a fun way to kick off the festival’s first shorts program. This film directed by Vincent Lin is sort of a tribute to any independent film director who’s had a hard time getting his or her film made. It tells the fantasy that probably every filmmaker has had at one point or another: of setting off on one’s own, and making the most kick-ass, action/romance/zombie flick ever!

And all with just a little bit of hard work “donated” by one’s good friends. You see why I call this a fantasy? We get to enjoy watching Chase’s film progress from hopelessly amateurish, to flawless and professional. And we cheer him on as he makes it happen . . . because everyone’s always rooting for the independent filmmaker.

For more on the shorts, visit My Film Habit.

Film: Hiroshima Nagasaki Download

Director Shinpei Takeda’s interviews survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings in this documentary, and the effect is pretty devastating. Takeda goes on a road trip, driving from Canada all the way down to Mexico, to visit survivors living in North America, and listen to their stories. And, it’s chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer phoenix arizona an emotional journey. His visit stirs up many memories that these people have tried not to think about in decades, and the tears flow liberally–both on screen and in the audience.Click here to read more.


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