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Meet Our Sponsors: Radio and Television News Directors Foundation

Meet Our Sponsors: Radio and Television News Directors Foundation

The Radio and Television News Directors Foundation (RTNDF) provides training programs, seminars, scholarship support and research in areas of critical concern to electronic news professionals and their audience. DC APA Film is grateful for RTNDF’s support.

As the educational arm of the Radio-Television News Directors Association, RTNDF offers professional development opportunities for working and aspiring journalists and journalism educators.

The Foundation’s primary objectives include: promoting discussion of ethics and integrity in news coverage; developing leadership skills among news professionals and sound management practices in news organizations; encouraging diversity in news organizations and in news coverage; assessing the impact of technological change on the news industry; fostering exchanges of ideas and perspectives at the local, national and international levels; and supporting U.S. First Amendment rights, worldwide press freedom and the public’s right to know.

2009 Murrow Awards Dinner is in October (click photo)

2009 Murrow Awards Dinner is in October 12 in New York (click photo)

On a personal note, your humble blogger was in the journalism industry for more than a decade and the experience will forever have a special place in my heart. For those considering a career in journalism, I say emphatically GO FOR IT! Yours truly had the greatest experience covering sports for a nationwide paper and website for seven and a half years, then worked at a newswire service for another four and a half years covering news and public policy.  I have a ton of respect for organizations such as RTNDF because of all that they do for journalism.

The important work of the RTNDF is funded through grants and support from RTNDA members. Click bankruptcy attorney phoenix for more information about RTNDF.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for our monumental 10th anniversary, please click here for sponsorship information or email Richard Fidler at richard[at]

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