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Meet Our Sponsors: Hyphen Magazine

Meet Our Sponsors: Hyphen Magazine

DC APA Film is a huge fan of Hyphen Magazine. So what’s the latest news at the magazine?

If you donate used electronics – all shipping costs is on them – you can get Hyphen Magazine for FREE. If your goods are valued at $18 or over (the qualifying amount for donations), you get a free 1 year subscription. If the value is $57 and over, you get a two-year subscription in addition to a t-shirt. And let me tell you, their t-shirts are cool!

Our man over at Hyphen – the really awesome Andrew Pai – sent me one last year to raffle off and everyone at our festival was drooling over it. Seriously. One guy was like “I am going to win that shirt!” He didn’t and the guy who ended up winning did somersaults.

Click here to read about this special offer.

You really should subscribe to Hyphen because they write the best feature stories. Our Opening Night Film, presented by TECRO, is Au Revoir Taipei. Back in May Hyphen Magazine interviewed director Arvin Chen. Read all about this talented director so you’ll be up to date when you see our Opening Night film on October 7.

We’ll have another post about Hyphen in a few weeks. We’ll let you know what night will be designated as Hyphen Magazine Night. That night we’ll give away copies of the magazine, a subscription, pins as well as their snazzy t-shirts.

Click lake worth homes for sale to subscribe to this awesome mag produced by their talented all-volunteer staff.


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