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Meet Allison and Her Film Habit

Meet Allison and Her Film Habit

What did Allison think of 'Joint Security Area'?

Last year local film blogger Allison Lyzenga reviewed many of our films. We dig her because she watches a ton of movies and blogs about them on her movie site, My Film Habit. Allison watches all kinds of movies – mainstream, indie, obscure and the silly ones – and her reviews are dead on.

We emailed several months ago and I asked her if she’s reviewed any Asian flicks of late. She said she saw this one. And that one. And this one. And that one. And soooooo bankruptcy attorney phoenix more. This gal is a true film buff.

We are thrilled to have Allison back as DC APA Film’s official film critic.

Check out her cool film site, My Film Habit.


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