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HEY Sunday! Check out our Shorts, Aoki and more!

HEY Sunday! Check out our Shorts, Aoki and more!

Sunday Punch

We’ve got two amazing shorts programs and three feature presentations for Sunday! Our carefully curated shorts programs highlight thought-provoking pieces around a central theme. Enjoy the fruits of our work by checking out these films!

2pm: No Day But Today | Shorts Program | Goethe-Institut

Our working world can have one of the biggest impacts on our lives. Struggling with a myriad of challenges from diverse personalities to even physical confrontation, this series of shorts (including two film festival award winners!) reminds us of the complex dynamics of our lives and the possibilities that may come from the decisions we make. *Filmmakers scheduled for attendance.* Go HERE to buy tickets!

  • Chase Thompson, A Film by Chase Thompson
    With work, things don’t always go as planned. Take it from Chase Thompson, who loses funding for his film. Acting on his feet, Chase finds ways to make things work.
  • The Constitution Project: Yick Wo & the Equal Protection Clause *2010 DC APA Film Festival Best Documentary Short*
    A 19th century Chinese immigrant and a Constitutional clause—it is not often that one finds oneself in front of the Supreme Court. The decision helps forever change American law.
  • Alpha Beta Complex
    Personalities oftentimes present a challenge both at work and home. By taking a trip to the Alpha Beta Complex, we see how different characters learn to coexist.
  • A Day’s Work
    Being a day laborer offers unpredictable challenges, but Enrique quickly realizes much more than he ever expected when he helps a suburban family move out of their home.
  • Televisnu
    Wires cross in this surreal adventure of a call-center employee trapped in a virtual network of do’s and don’ts, between stifling tradition and global inspirations.
  • Jitensha *2010 DC APA Film Festival Best Narrative Short*
    Mamoru has lost his job. To make matters worse, he is slowly losing his bicycle. As he works to recover pieces of his bicycle, he finds the pieces of his life.

4pm: Hiroshima Nagasaki Download | Feature Presentation | Goethe-Institut

Two Japanese friends living outside of their mother country, one in Europe and one in Mexico, decide to take a road-trip through Canada and the United States interviewing survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. After having kept their stories buried for more than sixty years, these brave few describe their deaths and rebirths in the countries once considered their greatest national enemies. Go HERE to learn more and buy tickets!

Preceded by Takeo: A family’s quiet life on their remote ranch is turned upside down when a stranger arrives and reveals secrets long suppressed. Directed by Omar Samad. 19 mins.

6pm: Sunday Bloody Sunday | Shorts Program | Goethe-Institut
Welcome to the jungle! When it’s whiteknuckle time, only the strong survive. Here are seven magnificent tales of so-called combat from the trenches.

  • Empire Corner
    A delivery of Chinese food brings a young woman much more than she could have ever imagined and a connection she cannot resist.
  • Sunday Punch
    Push finally comes to shove for a beautiful, down-on-her-luck boxing ring girl.
  • Topi
    Against the backdrop of the turbulent partition of India in 1947, tempers flare into a moment of violence that changes young Bir’s life forever.
  • Bamboozle
    Heads are gonna roll when restaurant mascot Katie loses the head of her panda costume.
  • To Wander in Pandemonium
    A young Korean-American father just wants to make it out of his day alive with his daughter, her turtle, and maybe even some maple syrup.
  • The Tea Master
    An elderly man searches for answers as he faces the end at the edge of a samurai blade.
  • Wu is Dead
    It’s payback time! Sun Mei won’t stop until she finds her brother’s killers, one by one.

Go HERE to buy tickets!

7pm: State of Aloha | Feature Presentation | National Museum of the American Indian – FREE!!

An impressively even-handed documentary presenting both sides of the Hawaiian statehood debate, Anne Misawa’s film is a must see for all. If statehood had such wide-spread support 50 years ago, what has changed? Featuring a broad range of interviews with over 30 people, including Senator Daniel Inouye and Hawaiian Studies Professor Haunani-Kay Trask, this documentary not only gives voice to the people living in and loving Hawai’i today but also lays out the complicated history of this once sovereign nation, prior to the overthrow of its Queen and the annexation of its land by American interests. After more than 50 years, the debate still rages as the Kanaka Maoli, the Native Hawaiians, along-side the immigrant populations of Hawai’i fight to retain the beauty and significance of its cultural legacy, as well as determine what is best for Hawai’i now and into the future. Go HERE to learn how to get free tickets!

Preceded mortgage default hollywood Lychee Thieves: It’s that time of the year when lychee is ready for harvesting and Hawaiians’ cravings go into overdrive for this unique fruit. Directed by Kathleen Kwai Ching Man. 29 mins.

8pm: Aoki | Feature Presentation | Goethe-Institut

AokiGun-toting, sunglass wearing, loud-mouthed master swearer, founding member and Field Marshall of the Black Panther Party, Richard Aoki was one of the most influential Asian American civil rights activists in history. First time filmmakers Mike Cheng and Ben Wang tell Aoki’s story in his own words and through interviews with his friends, students, and colleagues, from his childhood experiences in the Japanese American internment camps, growing up in the predominantly black neighborhoods of West Oakland, serving in the U.S. military, and as a student and student activist at Merrit Community College and the University of California, Berkeley. Go HERE to learn more and buy tickets!

Preceded by Yabai: Influential Asian American artists profiled in this documentary include turntablist Kid Koala, fashion designer Natalie Purschwitz, and Dim Mak DJ Steve Aoki, with commentary by Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot magazine. Directed by Ben Wang and Mike Cheng. 11 mins.


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