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Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

In celebration of APA Heritage Month, we bring you some more exciting happenings around DC:

Yet another showing of 9500 Liberty! If you haven’t seen this great film yet, here’s your chance. Presented by Rights Working Group, 9500 Liberty will be shown Tuesday 5/11, 7:00PM at GWU Law School – Rm Lerner 401 (2000 H St. NW).

Another favorite from our 2009 film festival, A Village Called Versailles, will be played Wednesday 5/12, 6:30pm at the Capitol Visitor’s Center – Orientation Theatre South (E. Capitol St. NW & 1st St NE). Hosted by the Center for Asian American Media and the Congressional APA Caucus, the screening will be followed by a reception in the CVC Restaurant, Dining Room South. Through Community Cinema, the film will also be shown on Sunday 5/23, 5:00PM at Bus Boys and Poets (2021 14th st NW) and on Sunday 5/30, 3:00PM at the Washington DC Jewish Community Center (1529 16th st NW).

The Washington Film Institute and AED hosts Fiesta Asia Festival, Thursday 5/20 and Friday 5/21 at the AED Globe Theater (1927 Florida Ave, NW). Co-produced with Asia Heritage Foundation and The Pink Line project, the festival features 4 films, hailing from Sri Lanka, Taiwan, China and Japan.

Flowers of the SkyFLOWERS OF THE SKY – THURSDAY 6:30PM

DIRECTED BY: Prasanna Vithanage
SYNOPSIS: Living a modest life in complete obscurity, long-forgotten movie star Sandya Rani (Malini Fonseka) finds herself thrust back into the spotlight when she becomes entangled in a scandal revolving around the infidelities of hot, young starlet Shalika (Dilhani Ekanayake). As the media frenzy continues to build momentum, Sandya is soon forced to come to terms with the emergence of her darkest, deepest secret.


SYNOPSIS: After offending a powerful triad boss, young Hong Kong rebel Sid (Jaycee Chan) is sent by his father to hide out in Taiwan. Under the protection of Chiu (Roy Cheung) and in rural isolation, Sid encounters a group of Zen drummers, whose powerful art speaks to him. But to become a member of this inspiring ensemble, the cocky and selfish Sid must learn the important values of discipline and hard work.


SYNOPSIS: Nearing the end of his life, Wang — a locally renowned street performer and wizard of the venerable art of mask magic — yearns to pass on his technique. But custom decrees that he can only hand down his craft to a male successor. Anxious to preserve his unique art, the heirless Wang buys an impoverished 8-year-old on the black market.


DIRECTED BY: Yojiro Takita
SYNOPSIS: Freshly unemployed, young cellist Daigo (Masahiro Motoki) has an epiphany in which he realizes he’s been heading down the wrong career path. Retreating to his hometown, he garage door broken boca raton for a new professional role as a nakanshi, or one who prepares the dead for burial. Tsutomu Yamazaki provides comic relief as Daigo’s eccentric mentor in director Yojiro Takita’s Oscar-winning, richly detailed — if unlikely — drama about finding your bliss.


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