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Goethe-Institut’s Film Neu Festival Starts Friday!

Goethe-Institut’s Film Neu Festival Starts Friday!

When We Leave

The 19th edition of Film|Neu, Washington’s annual showcase of new cinema from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, takes place January 21-27, 2011 at Landmark’s E Street Cinema. The festival, presented by our sponsor and good friends at the Goethe-Institut, opens with writer and director Feo Aladag and her Oscar nominated film When We Leave. After the screening there will be a discussion with Aladag and a reception with a DJ follows at the Goethe-Institut (812 Seventh Street, between H and I Streets) featuring complimentary beer from Gordon Biersch, German wine and food. This is guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

Screening and Reception: $25. Click here to view the festival schedule and more.


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