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Friends of DC APA Film: Rue 14

Friends of DC APA Film: Rue 14

As we were walking to the Black Cat to see Exit Clov, an employee of Rue 14, a pretty hip fashion boutique on 14th Street, invited us to come up to their party and have some drinks. Turned out to be a blast. Owner Andrew Nguyen definitely has a bunch of cool merch at his store. A couple of us ended up buying some incredibly killer-looking hats. Andrew’s merch has been featured in the Washington Post.

Our rock star friend in the band Saffron Holiday discovered the make-up area in the back of the store and the woman convinced him to put on some eyeliner. She applied it then asked “So what do you think?”

If there were crickets you would hear them chirp…

So he was on the verge of wiping it off when we said “C’mon man, leave it on, we’re just going to the Black Cat!” He obliged.

Yours truly is a fan of fashion and gets tired of buying threads at mainstream chain stores. That’s where Rue 14 comes in. Andrew and his wife lived in NYC and worked in fashion for 15 years. They want to give customers the experience of shopping at a SoHo boutique. You’ll find a lot of diverse and up-and-coming brands at his store, minus the NYC price.

Rue 14 opened almost a couple of years ago in October of 2008. We are so fortunate that the Nguyen’s are bringing all of their fashion expertise here to our area. So if you need some cool threads, yours truly strongly recommends Rue 14. Say hi to Andrew when you’re there, he’s a super friendly guy and also anti bullying video film fan. He will definitely give you awesome fashion advice.

Also if you need a program guide for our festival, drop by the store – our man from Saffron Holiday (sans eyeliner) dropped of the program guides today and you can pick some up at Rue 14 – 1803A 14th Street, NW Washington DC.


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