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Friday: Mysterio/Mysteré Short Films Program

Friday: Mysterio/Mysteré Short Films Program

Our festival is winding down. Come out to see some of our very best on Friday.

D.C. APA Film is known for showing the best short films from around the country + all over the world. Friday we will screen Savasana - winner of our Best Narrative Short award. Savasana is part of the Mysterio/Mysteré shorts program. These films embark upon the world of the extraordinary: imagination and inspiration; freezing time; humanity’s reliance upon futuristic technology; and the desire for the unattainable. The Notice, Time Stopper and Chubby Can Kill are also featured in this program. Speaking of Chubby, did you see that it was featured in Art Beat on WAMU 88.5?

More about the shorts:

Hidden family secrets and memories are uncovered as Faye moves from Singapore to the United States. As Faye explores a new city, her assistant Linda realizes her responsibilities.

The Notice
Set in the not-too-distant future, two messengers of the Global Benefactor Protocol have the responsibility of notifying individuals of their fate.

Time Stopper
A young man with an incredible gift wrestles with the darkest places of his heart, as jealousy turns into obsession for the affections of his neighbor.

Chubby Can Kill
Inspired by action movie heroes, Wing decides to take crime fighting into his own hands when local gang members encroach upon the neighborhood.

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