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Friday Night: Get in the Mood for Love

Friday Night: Get in the Mood for Love

One Year - Part of the Take a Chance on Me Shorts Program

7 pm: Take a Chance on Me | Shorts Program | Goethe-Institut

For singles and couples, Friday night is a great time to come to our fest. If you’ve been wanting to ask that special person out, go for it and take her to the Friday night shorts program which deals with love and relationships. And if you’re a couple, wow her by proposing to her at the screening. Okay, just kidding. But hey, if you really want to propose, D.C. APA Film has got your back. Yours truly might even buy you a couple of those snazzy film festival t-shirts if you do the deed! We’ll also have giveaways so Friday will definitely be a fun time. Only a couple days left of screenings so if you haven’t watched any of the wonderful films yet, you still have a chance.

Click here to purchase tickets for the short films program Take a Chance on Me

9 pm: Make Yourself at Home (aka Fetish) | Feature Presentation | Goethe-Institut

Two reasons why you should see this film:

1). Make Yourself at Home was one of three films selected for the Gala Presentation category at the 2008 Pusan International Film Festival.

2). This thriller features Korean superstar Hye-kyo Song.

Song plays Sookhy, a beautiful young woman who moves to an affluent New Jersey neighborhood after an arranged marriage. She befriends neighbors John and Julie, but soon will become obsessed with their lives. Make Yourself at Home is filmmaker Soopum Sohn’s mortgage default hollywood film directorial debut. Don’t miss it! Preceded by the short Tale of Lux.

Click here to purchase tickets for Make Yourself at Home


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