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Fabulous Films and Prizes at Our Festival On Friday!

Fabulous Films and Prizes at Our Festival On Friday!

Spend your Friday night with us watching movies and you’ll also have a chance to win some prizes! We’ll be raffling off some cool merchandise during the festival, merch such as women’s perfume, men’s cologne, subscriptions to Giant Robot and Hyphen Magazine, Hyphen Magazine t-shirts, gift certificates to Bambu Sushi Bar and even Washington Wizards tickets!

We will be raffling off prizes at this Friday’s screenings at the Goethe-Institut. Our feature presentation, The Mikado Project, will screen at 7 p.m. Driven by financial difficulties, Lance Liu (Allen C. Liu), artistic director for the Angry Buddha Theater Ensemble, opts to take a different approach from the kind of “protest theater” that has characterized the small, local theater troupe for years but has failed to bring in big audiences. In an attempt to appeal to the masses, he decides to stage the controversial Gilbert & Sullivan opera The Mikado.

Director Chil Kong scheduled for attendance. Click here to read more and to purchase tickets for The Mikado Project. The film will be preceded by the short What Hip Hop Means.

She, A Chinese will screen at 9 p.m. Li Mei (Huang Lu) has never been more than five miles outside of her small rural village in China, but dreams of the life beyond the reaches of her nagging mother and this dull town. A run-in with a local thug convinces her to leave her village for the big city, where unable to hold a job in the factory, she finds work in the Love Salon, where haircuts are not the only services provided. Click here to read more and to purchase tickets foreclosure defense hollywood She, A Chinese. Preceded by the short Five Pound Hollywood.


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