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Festival Films Featured on Asians On Film Website

Festival Films Featured on Asians On Film Website

Be sure to check out Asians on Film as they will be featuring many of the stars and filmmakers who are in this year’s 12th Annual Film Festival. Get all the news and scoops on Asians on Film, it is truly an impressive site!

The Girl from the Naked Eye – screening Saturday, October 8, 9 p.m. at Goethe-Institut

Check out Asian on Film’s interviews with Jason Yee, Ron Yuan and Jerry Ying:

Jason Yee (writer/producer/star)

Ron Yuan (co-star)

Jerry Ying (co-star)

The Girl From the Naked Eye Featurette

***NEW! Bonus – Jason Yee background info:

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About Asians on Film
Asians on Film is an English language blog meant to be very broad as it encompasses Asian/Pacific Islander men and women in the Hollywood film industry. Asians on Film hopes to showcase all areas of film beyond just actors, actresses and directors. Asians on Film is also excited about broadening the term “film” to encompass new media like webseries and music videos and be part of the ever evolving creative world of filmmaking that HD cameras have opened up to so much new talent.

Visit Asians on Film and expect to find information that is both helpful and informative as well as issues and subjects that may be only indirectly knew it was real to the film industry but of interest to film buffs, actors and actresses. One of their main features will always be interviewing and bringing filmmakers and artists one-on-one to their audience. Asians on Film hopes that their site will thrive on the input of others and less from the general rantings of its owners.


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