Filmmaking Workshop with J.P. Chan

Don’t Quit Your Day Job — A DIY Filmmaking Workshop with J.P. Chan and DC APA Film


WHEN: Saturday, October 9, 2-4 p.m.
WHERE: Goethe Institut, 812 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
TICKETS: $25 a ticket

* Ticket includes workshop and refreshments

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You’ve always dreamed about making movies, but you can’t afford the time or money to go to film school…


In this new workshop, self-taught filmmaker J.P. Chan shares his experience in making artistically serious no/low-budget short films that have played for audiences around the world.

You’ll learn how to make movies and get them seen, as J.P. did, with “no experience, no money, and no connections.” In other words, you’ll learn how filmmakers learned the craft and business before going to film school became the norm: by actually making movies.

J.P.’s two-hour workshop is suitable for all ages and levels of experience and includes:

* A screening of his four award-winning short films
* Advice on all stages of filmmaking, including the creative process, equipment, marketing, film festivals, and funding
* Extensive Q&A and participant-led discussion
* Light refreshments
* Opportunity for a personal and extended Q&A with J.P. Chan after the workshop and over dinner

Seats are VERY LIMITED and available to purchase online and at the door. Buy your tickets now:

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For more information, click here to visit J.P. Chan’s website.

Participant Testimonials:

“An authentically self-taught independent filmmaker, J.P. Chan has thrown all his expertise into a nicely packaged DIY workshop for aspiring filmmakers of all skill levels. His presentation is accessible, honest and provides indispensable information from the point of view of a filmmaker who truly learned his craft by just jumping affordable home products it.”
—Rose Pergament, Associate Director, DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon

“The workshop was very special, a packed house, J.P.’s wise and encouraging lecture definitely set the bar for future creative craft programs that we will have.”
—Nina Sharma, Programs Coordinator, Asian American Writers’ Workshop

“Just a super workshop. I’m fired up to make a film.”
“Very enjoyable. His story telling was great!”
“His films are great. Fascinating! I’d love to teach them! His answers to Q&As are very pertinent, interesting and informative.”
“Very enjoyable. His story telling was great!”
—Workshop Particpants @ 2009 Hawaii International Film Festival