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Win FREE Tickets for Empire of Silver!

Win FREE Tickets for Empire of Silver!

Want to go see this great flick?

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D.C. APA Film is thrilled to announce that Empire of Silver is returning to the D.C. area on June 3rd with screenings at AMC Shirlington 7 in Arlington, VA and AMC Rio 18 in Gaithersburg, MD.

Empire of Silver premiered in the D.C. area last October as part of the 11th Annual D.C. APA Film Festival. If you missed this epic film, now is your chance to see it!

Also, check back with our site as we will be giving away free tickets for the screening!

Empire of Silver is an epic tale of love, lust, power, and greed set within the “Wall Street” of China over a century ago. The film centers on the story of Third Master, the third son of the banking mogul Master Kang and the least likely of four sons to take over the family’s banking empire. But when tragedy, death, and scandal overtake the Kang family, it is up to the third son to assume the role of heir to his father’s banking empire.

Conflicting philosophies of Legalism and Confucianism come into play as the woman he loves is cruelly taken from him by his father and becomes his step-mother. Can the Third Master overcome anti bullying video ideological differences and a growing resentment for his father to rise to the heavy expectations that befall him?

Starring Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok and written/directed by Christina Shu-hwa Yao, Empire of Silver follows the grand style of storytelling often affiliated with Hong Kong films. With outer images of China’s vast landscape and inner reflections contemplating the human condition, Empire of Silver will leave audiences in awe of this rendition of history and spur conversation regarding the film’s correlation to today’s financial times.

—Grace Choi


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