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Dragonfish Films Presents ‘Tainted’

Dragonfish Films Presents ‘Tainted’

Tainted is a horror film written by brothers Robin and Ryan Tse, and directed by Ryan Tse. It is Dragonfish Films’ submission to Interpretations – a short film initiative to encourage aspiring filmmakers to develop their own original and unique voice.

We are familiar with the work of Dragonfish Films. Last year their short Yellow Light was part of our 2009 film festival.

The Tse brothers love the horror genre, and this is what Ryan has to say about Tainted:

Director’s Statement: WARNING – SPOILERS! “Blood, more blood!” that’s what I yelled on the set of “Tainted” while our actress got drenched in blood.

Tagline: Body bag… Murder… and Daddy’s little girl.

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Credits: Ryan Tse, Robin Tse, Elliott Hui, Samnang Phoeuk, Johnson Hsu, Wing Woo, Elizabeth Cheung, Kevin Tan, Pierre Lee, Fred Cheung, Jae Shim, Beau Heath, Matthew Tse, Yitong Chen, Clive Caleb Lee, Andrew Xiao, Eric Chang, Jimmy Quach, and Oriental Gourmet Restaurant

Click homes for you to view the short.

To find out more about Interpretations, click here.


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