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DC APA Film Retreat

DC APA Film Retreat

Last week, the volunteer staff that brings you the DC APA Film each year gathered for a day of leadership development, strategic planning, and good ol’ bonding. This is only the second retreat ever held for the DC APA Film staff. The goal was to identify and problem solve issue areas that DC APA Film faces each year in order to grow the organization and better accomplish our mission.

The retreat started with the Lead Color exercise, which asked each person to rank the lead colors that best characterized them. The exercise was meant to better identify how each person works and  to recognize the lead dynamics within the organization so that each person can learn to flex their lead style to better communicate with others. It turns out, the staff is relatively evenly split between creative green and responsible gold, with a smattering of nurturing blue and adventurous orange. Which colors are you?

Next, we posted suggestions, ideas, and perceived problems into different categories and then broke into work groups to brainstorm solutions and next steps for each issue areas. The topics included: volunteer recruitment and retention, documenting best practices, and national board growth.

The retreat ended with a blueprint for each issue area and a list of next steps for each committee. Everyone is back hard at work ensure that this year’s DC APA Film Festival is the best one yet and that the organization continues to grow and improve.

“I think the retreat was extremely helpful. Through activities and discussion, we were able to learn a lot about how we communicate and function as an organization. We decided to have the retreat because we felt it was a good time to do some planning for chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer phoenix next five years. We had a retreat about 5 years ago and the planning that came from that really allowed us to grow and develop as we did the last few years.

The retreat was a great opportunity for us to learn about each other and get beyond our own preconceptions about each other and our roles in the organization. We also identified several areas for planning and development within the organization, and through extensive activities, were able to begin to address these items and plan for future growth,” said Tad Doyle, DC APA Film Festival’s Director of Programming.


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