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Check Out Saturday’s Incredible Lineup!

Check Out Saturday’s Incredible Lineup!

Empire of Silver - 8:30 pm at Goethe-Institut

We have an Award Winning film, a Filmmaker Workshop,  a Live Performance, a Panel Discussion and some great films as part of our spectacular Saturday lineup! We will also raffle off some prizes during the screenings. Some of the screenings are FREE! So stop by and check out these films and our workshop. Saturday’s schedule:

1 pm, Resilience (BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE) at the Freer Gallery of Art, FREE!

Since the 1950s, an estimated 200,000 Korean children have been placed with families all around the world. Recently, a fraction of these children’s birthmothers have begun to speak out about their experiences of living without their children. Resilience follows the story of one mother’s loss and search for redemption from a child she separated from decades before. Click here to read more and how to get FREE tickets for Resilience.

A panel discussion on Korean adoption, birth search, and reunion will take place following the film at 4:45pm in the Meyer Auditorium.

2 pm – FILMMAKER WORKSHOP: “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” with J.P. Chan at Goethe-Institut

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! In this workshop, self-taught filmmaker J.P. Chan shares his experience in making artistically serious no/low-budget short films that have played for audiences around the world. Click here to purchase tickets for the workshop.

Going Home

3 pm – FEATURE PRESENTATION, Going Home at Freer Gallery of Art, FREE

Going Home opens with Jason Hoffman, a Korean adoptee, on the eve of his first meeting with the woman he was separated from at birth twenty years ago. Growing up in a tight-knit social circle in his beloved New York City, Jason is surrounded by others that openly share his curiosity and will to find out more information about his background. After finding out that his birthmother was able to be located and is willing to meet him, Jason finds himself laden with excitement but no answers.

Preceded by For Jie, directed by Hiroshi Hara

4:45 pm – Panel on Korean Adoption at the Freer Gallery of Art, FREE

A panel discussion on Korean adoption, birth search and reunion will take place following the Freer film programs at 4:45PM in the Meyer Auditorium.

6:30 pm – LIVE PERFORMANCE EVENT – Macho Like Me at Goethe-Institut

Live performance by Helie Lee!

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be the opposite gender? Many of us may imagine how the other half lives, and often the grass seems greener on the other side. How many women, for example, consider the comparatively easy lives of men as they go through their tedious primping routines that either go completely unnoticed or is the only thing that is noticed. Macho Like Me documents filmmaker Helie Lee’s social experiment as she transforms her outer appearance from an established Korean American woman to the uncharted territory of “Asian American man.” Click here to read more and to purchase tickets for Macho Like Me.

Preceded by the short Three Times Me, directed by Wendy J.N. Lee and I’m Not Even That directed garage door service boca raton the AGEM Class of 2009.

8:30 pm – FEATURE PRESENTATION, Empire of Silver at Goethe-Institut

Empire of Silver is an epic tale of love, lust, power, and greed set within the “Wall Street” of China over a century ago. The film centers on the story of Third Master, the third son of the banking mogul Master Kang and the least likely of four sons to take over the family’s banking empire. But when tragedy, death, and scandal overtake the Kang family, it is up to the third son to assume the role of heir to his father’s banking empire. Click here to read more and to purchase tickets for Empire of Silver.


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