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Big in Bollywood

Big in Bollywood

Big in Bollywood

Directed by: Kenny Meehan & Bill Bowles
Runtime: 74 min
Year: 2010
Country: USA

As an Indian American actor working in Los Angeles, Omi Vaidya is subject to type-casting and less than desirable supporting roles. That is, of course, until he happens to land a dream role in one of the biggest Bollywood films of all time. He becomes a star… in India.

Filmmakers Kenny Meehan and Bill Bowles, two of Vaidya’s good friends, travel to India with him to document the premier of 3 Idiots, Vaidya’s Bollywood film debut. Meehan and Bowles end up with a documentary that charts their friend’s rapid rise to fame and the ups and downs that come with being celebrity.

Vaidya not only has to cope with instant super stardom in a foreign culture where he barely speaks the language, but also stardom in a country one billion people strong. Will this new international celebrity make it big back in the United States? Or will he only remain big in Bollywood? Only time will tell.
—Laura Major

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Grandpa’s Wet Dream

Directed by: Chihiro Amemiya
Runtime: 16 min
Year: 2010
Country: Japan/USA
Language(s): Japanese with English subtitles

An unlikely star in the Adult video industry, 75-year-old Shigeo Tokuda has yet to tell his family about his second job.


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