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APA Film’s Call for Sponsors

APA Film’s Call for Sponsors

Hello. We are DC APA Film. We love hanging out at H Street. We love checking out bands at The Black Cat and Rock an Roll Hotel. We love the Cherry Blossoms. Most of us love eating at Ben’s Chili Bowl. We love DC, VA and MD. Our 11th annual film festival will take place from October 7 to 16, 2010. We work long hours and don’t get paid for it. We do it because of our love of films.

Although the emphasis of our 10-day film festival is the Asian Pacific American experience, since 2007 we have also conducted a “Point of View” workshop in film-making for area high school students. They learn how to write a script, direct actors, set up scenes, operate equipment, employ make-up and costumes, and edit a film into a short production, which is then shown at the festival.

We also have killer parties, fun workshops, panel discussions and hip merchandise!

Need another reason why you should sponsor us? We are a registered nonprofit, tax exempt organization under 501(c)3 lake worth homes for sale the Internal Revenue Code, which means your donation is 100 percent tax deductible.

Find out more about being a sponsor by clicking here to view our Sponsorship Packet.

If you have any questions, you can email Richard Fidler and Ron Sanchez at sponsorship(at)


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