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APA Filmmakers Coming to DC

APA Filmmakers Coming to DC
(Photo by Ron Sanchez)

(Photo by Ron Sanchez)

Help us give a warm Washington welcome to the dozens of filmmakers, cast, and crew from this year’s films. During Opening Weekend we are expecting a special guest at nearly every film screening including:

• Ed Radkte, Director of indie gem and festival darling The Speed of Life

• Nicole Bilderback, whom you may remember from Bring It On, lead actress from the gay/straight/rom/com The New Twenty

• Dave Boyle, Director of wacky comedy w/ Lynn Chen and James Kyson Lee White On Rice

• Will Tiao, Producer, Writer, and Actor of Taiwanese political thriller and this festival’s hot-ticket item Formosa Betrayed

• Adele Pham, Director of Parallel Adele, innovative short film on hapa identity

• Jared Rehberg, Producer, Musician, and subject of the moving documentary film Operation Babylift: The Lost Children bankruptcy attorney phoenix Vietnam

• Leo Chiang, Director of A Village Called Versailles, inspiring doc about the Vietnamese community struggle to keep their homes in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina.

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