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APA Film Partners With AA Lead For Summer Film Workshop

Washington DC– Asian Pacific American Film (APA Film) spent the summer of 2013 in partnership with Asian American Lead (AA Lead) for the sixth year of the APA Film Point of View Youth (POV) Filmmaker Workshop. Spearheaded by APA Film’s Wyman Lee, Amy Hosseinnian, and the staff of AA Lead, students aged 15 to 19 who would not normally have access to film training were able to put together short five-minute films.

The POV Youth Filmmaker Workshop is a youth filmmaking training program designed to empower and provide a voice to DC area Asian Pacific American youth through the art of visual storytelling. This summer, it consisted of a series of workshops that took place over a two-month period of time with participants of the AA Lead programs. Participants learned necessary skills and steps to create a short film from conception to completion.

Workshops were led primarily by Amy Hosseinnian where she took students step-by-step through pre-production, production, and post-production. With administrative and curriculum development help from Wyman Lee, two films were produced by students by the end of the workshop.

These films were a documentary about the American Dream, and a public service announcement (PSA) about bullying and stereotypes. The American Dream personal injury attorney boca chronicled the story of two restaurant owners: one owner a first-generation immigrant– her second-generation son the other owner. The films will be featured on the Smithsonian website later this year.

– Cherisse Yanit-Nadal


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