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THE BEST AND THE LONELIEST DAYS / 2017 / USA / 16:00 / Director: Qianzhu Luo
When Yang, a Chinese girl living in Los Angeles, has a dream in English, she needs to prove that she’s still a hundred percent Chinese. So she organizes a big Chinese New Year’s party, but things don’t end up the way she planned. A comedy about friendship, homesick and identity.

FIRST BLOOM / 2017 / China / 4:38 / Director: Tingting Liu
Born in a poor family, the boy was sold at a very young age to be a eunuch serving the emperor’s daughter in the royal palace. Sharing joy and sorrow, he and the princess grew up together, became friends and soul mates. However, their budding love seemed unrealistic in this feudalistic kingdom. More than a love story, First Bloom expresses the willing to revolt the ruthless oppression of traditional authorities, which is experienced by every individual struggled between old straitjacket and modern spirit, facing profound changes in Chinese society. One may suffer, one may feel lost, but in the unyielding pursuit for purity and beauty, we will always strive for the freedom to love and to bloom.

RM10 / 2016 / Malaysia / 12:00 / Director: Emair Ezwan
A nocturnal adventures of a currency note.

Directors: Sara Zia Ebrahimi and Lindsey Martin

Based on a true story, the film tells a story from the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1980 from the perspective of Haleh, an eight year old who just wants to enjoy her ice skates. The film raises questions about the human cost of surveillance and the criminalization of immigrant communities, linking past policy decisions with current national discussions around security and xenophobia.

CAKE / <Please Note This Short is Not Recommended for Small Children> / 2016 / USA / 9:22 / Director: Anne Hu
Eliza, a bisexual woman, tries to explore her sexuality within her marriage with her husband Thomas by surprise ordering a seemingly human female sex robot. But the sex robot is not the cure-all she had hoped for. Be careful what you wish for.

PLEASE COME AGAIN / 2016 / Japan / 9:34 / Director: Alisa Yang
The film narrates the collective and personal memory of three generations of Asian women through the lens of Japanese love hotels.

WHERE HAVE THE FLOWERS GONE / 2016 / Hong Kong / 6:00 / Director: Sin-Hong Chan 
A piggy pursues his dreams in a big factory, but actually all efforts seem powerless.

TWENTY YEARS / 2016 / USA / 5:08 / Director: David Liu
On a dark night in the city, a police officer encounters a stranger waiting for an old friend.

MY LIFE I DON’T WANT / 2016 / Myanmar / 11:54 / Director: Nyan Kyal Say 
A short animated film about the life of a Myanmar girl inspired by the true stories in Myanmar.

GO TO CITY ELE / 2016 / China / 9:21 / Director: Wenyu Li
A little pig from rural ‘P town’ goes off to to live in the Metropolis. But he finds that a small town pig isn’t always welcome among the elephants who live in ‘City ELE’.