Sunday, May 21st / 6:00 PM




AALEAD / 2017 / USA / 9:53 / Director: Neel Saxena

Our POV Youth Short Program: AALEAD: AALEAD’s mission is to support low-income and underserved Asian Pacific American youth with educational empowerment, identity development, and leadership opportunities through after school, summer, and mentoring programs.

AALEAD Short Sponsored by
The DC Mayor’s Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs

ROCK BOTTOM / 2017 / USA / Director: Steve Ray

Winner of 2016 Script to Screen Contest: A twenty something year old woman is brought out of her funk by the six year old boy she baby sits.

Rockbottom Sponsored by
The DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment

FREESTYLE CREW / 2017 / Vietnam / 10:19 / Director: Tri Le
Dance brings them together and establishes a brotherhood to these young dreamers. Their journey is like no others because what they experience is fresh.

HAN / 2016 / USA / 15:00 / Director: Earl Kim
Han’ (한) is titled after a Korean cultural concept that exists around sorrow and mourning but has no equivalent translation. The film follows Max; a young, Korean-American man caught between cultures, as he navigates grief, loss, and depression through ritual, memory, and dream.

FLIP THE RECORD / 2017 / USA / 14:42 / Director: Marie Jamora
In this 1980s coming-of-age story set to pulsing hip-hop music, a Filipino-American teen discovers her identity through a budding talent for turntablism. A little-known but lasting explosion of hip-hop culture grew out of the Filipino-American community of 1980s San Francisco. This film takes us into the beat of an aspiring mobile DJ crew in ’84, as 14-year-old Vanessa, sick of the the constraints and boring piano lessons in her conservative Filipino-American household, starts teaching herself on the sly how to scratch on her older brother’s turntables. We follow Ness as she discovers her talents and place in the local music scene of the era.

BATTLE GROUNDS / 2016 / USA / 36:23 / Director: Devon de Leña
Facing both isolation and sexism within the street dancing community, Angel Alviar-Langley decides to organize and the first international dance battle for female-identified poppers in Seattle.

ALICE / 2016 / USA / 6:43 / Director: Sarah Chang
A quirky dancer lives in her vivid imagination and longs to make her dreams a reality, but her traditional Korean parents have other plans in mind. When all Alice wants to do is run to dance rehearsal, her mother announces she’s arranged a date with an eligible Korean doctor and his wealthy family before Alice becomes “cold rice”. As she escapes into her rich fantasy world, Alice is abruptly interrupted and has to navigate between fulfilling her parent’s expectations and bringing her dreams to life.