Sunday, May 21st / 2:00 PM




SONG ON CANVAS / 2015 / USA / 15:08 / Director: Keo Woolford
“An emotionally lost artist, trapped in the corporate world, receives encouragement to pick up his brush again from of all people – his deceased mother.”

UNDER THE SUN / 2015 / Australia and China / 18:55 / Director: Yang Qiu
One incident occurs, two families tangle. There’s nothing new under the sun.

UP IN THE CLOUDS / 2015 / Canada and US / 2:00 / Director: Ed Moy
A teenage girl falls in love with flying while taking a driving lesson with her dad.

COIN BOY / 2016 / Taiwan / 24:05 / Director: Chuan-Yang Li
Tai is a fourth grade student whose family owns a claw machine business. One day, he brought the coins to pay for the camping fees but was rejected by the teacher for not changing them into bills….

DEATH IN A DAY / 2016 / USA / 14:05 / Director: Lin Wang
Evan would enjoy nothing more than to spend his day inside playing with his toys. He’s 7 years old, Chinese, living with his soon-to-be widowed mother, Wei. After visiting his comatose father in the hospital, Evan learns he must come to grips with the impending death falling upon his family while watching helplessly as his mother tries to cope with single parenthood.

THE LAST TIP / 2016 / USA / 4:35 / Director: Patrick Chen
During the course of his meal, a loyal patron reminisces into his past memories at his favorite restaurant one last time.

MOVE OUT NOTICE / 2016 / Singapore / 13:00 / Director: Leon Cheo
Wei, 21, has not clashed with her real estate agent mother for over a year since they started a new system – “talking” to each other solely through cheerful-looking notes. However, when Wei clumsily announces that she is moving out to live independently, her obstinate mother declares war.

HOME IS WHERE THE SUNSETS / 2016 / USA / 8:00 / Director: Kayla Tong
Alison’s life in L.A. turns upside down when her family comes to visit from Hong Kong for the very first time. Stuffed into her cramped apartment, Alison finds beauty and heartache in the smallest of moments.