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1984, WHEN THE SUN DIDN’T RISE / 2016 / India / 57:00 / Director: Teenaa Kaur
Every evening Sikh women from the “Widows Colony” share their lives. They are nestled away from the so-called developed Metropolis New Delhi to a rehabilitated colony as their men and family members who were daily wage earners were killed in the massacre of 1984. Three decades later, I connect with the women and children to know their journey and impact of violence. One evening, they question what happened to the dead bodies of their men who were killed in the massacre? This brings a turn around in the lives of the women as they set on a journey to reconcile the truth.

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w/ Short Film, (OUT)CASTE / 2017 / India / 21:00 / Director: Shilpi Shikha Agrawal
Dasi, a Dalit woman in a 2016 Indian desert village, dehydrates while manual scavenging, emptying dry non-flushing outdoor toilets for upper caste villagers. This leaves Amrita, her 11-year-old daughter, to finish this work and bring home the sustenance and water that they both need to keep surviving. Can Amrita do it without entering herself into this quietly violent cycle of abandonment? (Out)caste is a short film about an entrapment between generations of women, dictated by a 3,000-year-old social hierarchy, and takes place during one such moment of transition.

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w/ Short Film, CUP OF TEA / 2016 / India / 3:12 / Director: Jitendra Rai
A young photographer stands at the edge of a lake as she takes pictures of the beauty surrounding her. She breathes in the clean air and closes her eyes as she takes it all in, forgetting her troubles for a moment. She notices a young village kid smiling at her. She smiles back. Suddenly, she’s jolted back to reality when the young delinquent picks up her bag and makes a run for it. She chases him through the beautiful landscape as he whips through jungles and open fields and villages. He’s very familiar with the place and she doesn’t have a chance. Just when hope seems to be at an end, she finally finds the kid, and what she sees overwhelms her and melts her heart. ‘Cup Of Tea’ is a short film about the potential we all have to change someone else’s life, and while you’re doing that, might as well change it for the better.

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w/ Short Film, MS. BULA BANERJEE / 2016 / USA / 12:11 / Director: Rakesh Baruah
A quiet librarian takes a stand when a corporate consultant shows-up to modernize the business.

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