Saturday, May 20th / 6:30 PM



FATHER AND SON / 2016 / Vietnam / 1:30:00 / Director: Luong Dinh Dung
The story is about a father and son living near a river. The father – Moc is 39 years old and his son Ca is 6 years old. They make a living by fishing every day. Ca has a little yellow chick for a friend. And he enjoys running after the air plane flying on the sky till it disappears behind the mountains in every afternoon. He calls it “the bird from the city”. The father and the son often go to the hilltop where other families and a blind man named Mu also come when the flood season sweeps through their living area. Mu is the only one who left the village to go to the city with a hope of changing his life. But he had a working accident which made him deaf and blind for the rest of his life.

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w/ Short Film, THE LOVELIEST FLOWER / 2016 / USA / 10:55 / Director: Victor Nhieu
Vivian, a Vietnamese-American teenager, struggles to learn the native tongue of her family in an effort to grow closer to her departing grandmother.