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GARDAAB (WHIRLPOOL) / 2016 / Pakistan / 1:33:10 / Director: Harune Massey
In a city haunted by unending cycles of violence, turf wars, ethnic and class divisions, blossoms an unlikely romance. Shahbaz (Fawad Khan), the protégé of a drug lord, meets Parveen (Amna Ilyas), the daughter of a powerful rival clan who has no inkling of the secret that Shahbaz harbors. While Parveen’s marriage is being arranged with the scion of another influential Mafioso, Shahbaz’s patron, Firdous Khan (Khalid Ahmed), has a new assignment in mind for him. The lovers are caught in a whirlpool of desire, deceit, and obligations. The boy-meets-a-girl story unfolds as an Orphic tale set in Karachi, Pakistan.

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w/ Short Film, THE SCHOOL BAG / 2016 / India / 14:51 / Director: Dheeraj Jindal
The bond between a mother and her son is indeed a special one. It was the same between Farooq and his Mother. They reside in the small town of Peshawar, Pakistan. Farooq, a child with a simple demand, wants a new school bag on his birthday. But his mother, who in spite of her love and affection seems to be unfazed by her child’s plea. Unknown to Farooq, there is something waiting for him on his birthday.