APA Film Festival



Friday, May 19th / 6:30 PM / Gardaab w/ The School Bag
Friday, May 19th / 7:00 PM / VIP Filmmaker Reception (Invite Only)
Friday, May 19th / 9:00 PM / The Landscape Within w/ Mwah
Saturday, May 20th / 12:00-3:00 PM / Filmmaking Education
Saturday, May 20th / 3:00-4:30 PM / Special Screening and Reception for S@S + AALEAD Short (Invite Only)
Saturday, May 20th / 4:30-6:30 PM / Blasian Narratives
Saturday, May 20th / 6:30 PM / Father and Son w/ Loveliest Flower
Saturday, May 20th / 9:00 PM / 1984 When the Sun Didn’t Rise w/ Out(Caste), Cup of Tea, Bula Banerjee
Sunday, May 21st / 2:00 PM / There’s No Place Like Home
Sunday, May 21st / 4:00 PM / Left To My Own Devices
Sunday, May 21st / 6:00 PM / Dance Like No One’s Watching

All ticket and pass holders must be seated 15 minutes prior to showtime to guarantee a seat. After that time, pass holders will be admitted with the general audience.

* 20 minutes before each showcase…VIP pass holders and filmmakers are admitted to the theater.
* 15 minutes before each showcase… all ticket holders are admitted to the theater.
* 10 minutes before each showcase… all unclaimed seats are released.