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Community Partner: Angry Asian Man

Community Partner: Angry Asian Man

From new APA musicians to social justice issues to funny youtube videos, Angry Asian Man, aka Phil Yu, keeps readers entertained and informed with his entries about all things interesting and involving Asian Pacific Americans. It’s easy to see why Angry Asian Man is one of the most ubiquitously read blog by the APA community and beyond. In a society where mainstream media coverage of APA issues, entertainment, and news is scarce at best, Angry Asian Man provides a much needed outlet and nexus of the most current news pieces involving Asian Pacific Americans.

But while Angry Asian Man has become a source of APA news for many readers, Phil notes clearly on the blog that his posts are far from objective, and rather, just things that he finds newsworthy as a regular Asian American guy living in the U.S.  Phil also gives us a glimpse at the root of Angry Asian Man and why it was started:

“However, in time it became apparent to me that I was actually only half joking. The concerns I was raising were funny because there was truth to them. Because racism does exist, and because Asian Americans still do struggle with issues of acceptance in this country. My context for discussing these problems often came from comic exaggeration, because at times, it was the only way to make such ugly issues open and approachable.

So Angry Asian Man became a cause. And just like Angry Asian Man, the views expressed in the contents of this website will inevitably be ridiculously zealous and exaggerated. Of couse, it’s all in fun, but just like the persona of Angry Asian Man, rooted in truth. “

DC APA Film is excited to partner with Angry Asian Man again for the 2010 DC APA Film Festival. We thank Phil for his continual support and ongoing coverage of APA films, arts, and pop culture!

We’ve got an incredible lineup of films scheduled for our 11th annual film festival! Visit mirrors and wall art online schedule page: and click the film to purchase tickets for the screening.


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