APA Film

APA Film's 2003 ABC New Talent Development Scholarship Grant Entrants

Miranda Kwok

Motorcyclist, martial artist, rock climber and rugby player. These are just a few other titles one can ascribe to actor, writer and producer Miranda Kwok. Dedicated to tackling any challenges that present themselves, Miranda is more than enthusiastic to take on any new undertakings-- the more diverse, the better.

Miranda first ventured into the arts at the age of 10 when she attended an exclusive school for the performing and visual arts. Miranda made her first television debut at the age of 13 and since then has acquired over thirty credits in film, television and theatre. Committed to rounding out her education and personal growth, Miranda completed an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology. At the same time, Miranda also provided her services as a counselor for crisis intervention at a number of community shelters and crisis centers.

With her screenplay "Song of Silence," Miranda has embarked on a project that is able to balance her passion for the arts and humanities with her commitment to support matters relevant to society. "Song of Silence" is her third endeavor in the world of screenwriting.