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Become a Film Review @ APA Film!

The 17th Annual DC Asian Pacific American (APA) Film Festival is drawing near, and our film submission site is receiving many short and feature length films from directors all over the world. Last year alone, APA Film Festival received over 100 film submissions from API directors and films about API community!

Although the APA Film directors make final decisions on which films to screen, without the help of volunteer film reviewers, it would have been impossible to narrow down the film selection.

Film reviewers are assigned to watch few films at a time and provide constructive comments on the film. They don’t just say, “That was interesting!” or “Cool film,” but their comments are based on characters, plots, quality of the film, and many more. They receive training on which areas to look at when watching to film when providing comments. Better yet, there are no qualifications to be a film reviewer! You just need to be interested in films. Training will begin December 1st, and APA Film will provide guidelines on what to look for in a film.

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to email us at or visit for more information.


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