2010 Schedule

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October 7
7:30 PM
Opening Night: Au Revoir Taipei
85 min
Directed by: Arvin Chen

In his feature length debut, director and winner of DC APA's 2007 "Best Narrative Short" award Arvin Chen returns to the vibrant streets of Taipei in this utterly charming film about love lost and found.

October 8
7:00 PM
The Mikado Project
82 min
Directed by: Chil Kong

Faced with a cast mutiny over his latest decision to stage the stereotype-ridden Gilbert & Sullivan opera, The Mikado, theater artistic director Lance Liu must find a way to appease his cast but still pay the rent.

9:00 PM
She, A Chinese
98 min
Directed by: Xiaolu Guo

Li Mei has never been more than 5 miles outside of her small rural village in China, but her restlessness and her way with men soon take her far away to the West.

October 9
1:00 PM
75 min
Directed by: Tammy Chu

"Resilience" follows the story of one mother's loss and search for redemption from a child she separated from decades before.

3:00 PM
Going Home
73 min
Directed by: Jason Hoffman

What if your whole life you waited to meet someone you knew nothing about? Going Home opens with Jason Hoffman, a Korean adoptee, on the eve of his first meeting with the woman he was separated from at birth twenty years ago.

4:45 PM
Panel on Korean Adoption
45 min

A panel discussion on Korean adoption, birth search and reunion will take place following the Freer film programs at 4:45PM in the Meyer Auditorium.

6:30 PM
Macho Like Me
75 min
Directed by: Helie Lee

"Macho Like Me" documents filmmaker Helie Lee's social experiment as she transforms her outer appearance from an established Korean American woman to her uncharted territory of "Asian American man."

8:30 PM
Empire of Silver
113 min
Directed by: Christina Shu-hwa Yao

Based on historical events, "Empire of Silver" is the passionate saga of China's 'Wall Street' over a century ago. A young man must decide whether to follow his father's path or find his own when he is obligated to assume the role of heir to a banking empire.

October 10
2:00 PM
Shorts Program: "No Day But Today"
91 min

Our working world can have one of the biggest impacts on our lives. Struggling with a myriad of challenges from diverse personalities to even physical confrontation, this series of shorts reminds us of the complex dynamics of our lives and the possibilities that may come from the decisions we make.

4:00 PM
Hiroshima Nagasaki Download
72 min
Directed by: Shinpei Takeda

Two Japanese ex-pats, one in Europe, one in Mexico, decide to take a road-trip through Canada and the United States interviewing survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. The result is an alarmingly philosophical and emotional journey, not just for the interviewees but the filmmakers themselves.

6:00 PM
Shorts Program: "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"
92 min

Welcome to the jungle! When it's white-knuckle time, only the strong survive. Here are seven magnificent tales of so-called combat from the trenches.

7:00 PM
State of Aloha
78 min
Directed by: Anne Misawa

This is the 50th Anniversary of Hawaii Statehood and yet there is still controversy about the legitimacy of Hawaii's state status. Largely anchored by personal narrative, the motivating paths toward statehood are addressed as well as the legacy left behind.

8:15 PM
94 min
Directed by: Ben Wang and Mike Cheng

A founding member of the Black Panther Party, Richard Aoki was one of the most influential Asian American civil rights activists in history. First time filmmakers Mike Cheng and Ben Wang tell Aoki's story in his own words and in interviews with his friends, students and colleagues from his childhood in the Japanese American internment camps, to the predominantly black neighborhoods of West Oakland, though his US military service and as a student activist at UC Berkeley.

October 11
October 12
7:30 PM
One Big Hapa Family
48 min
Directed by: Jeff Chiba Stearns

Jeff Chiba Stearn's charming and animated documentary gives us a peek at the varied identity questions and answers of five generations of a single family.

October 13
7:00 PM
The Mountain Thief
78 min
Directed by: Gerry Balasta

To escape a war in the separatist Philippine south, Julio and his son Ingo arrive in the slums of Payatas, settling into a village called Little Hope—a slum community whose residents scrape together a living by sifting through the mountains of trash they live in to sell as scrap metal. "The Mountain Thief" shows even in the most desolate conditions, it is possible to retain some humanity.

9:00 PM
God is D_ad
96 min
Directed by: Abraham Lim

Set in the 80's, comic store clerk and aspiring dungeon master Tim gathers a ragtag group of misfits to go on a journey with him to a gaming convention in Chicago where all of their dreams are sure to come true.

October 14
7:30 PM
Centerpiece: Fog
89 min
Directed by: Kit Hui

Set during the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong's reunification with China, "Fog" tells the story of Wai, who suffers from a rare amnesia that wipes his memory entirely clean, as he attempts to restart his life and embarks on a journey of self-discovery and redemption.

October 15
7:00 PM
Shorts Program: "Take A Chance On Me"
82 min

"If you change your mind, I'm the first in line...Honey I'm still free, take a chance on me..." ABBA couldn't have set up Friday date night more sweetly than in these funny and at times very real portrayals of loves tribulations and triumphs.

9:00 PM
Make Yourself at Home (aka Fetish)
90 min
Directed by: Soopum Song

Set within a seemingly tranquil upper middle-class New Jersey suburb, the psychological thriller "Make Yourself at Home (aka Fetish)" is the story of Sookhy (Hye-kyo Song), a Korean woman who attempts to elude her shaman fate at any cost.

October 16
2:00 PM
Finding Face
68 min
Directed by: Patti Duncan and Skye Fitzgerald

"Finding Face" documents the story of Tat Marina, a once-rising star in the Cambodian karaoke music scene whose life drastically changed when she was doused with toxic acid, deforming her face and changing the trajectory of the rest of her life.

4:00 PM
Shorts Program: "There Are Places I Remember"
94 min

The relationships between sons and fathers and mothers and daughters are the most complex that can change or break us for the better or worse. In looking for answers and meaning in these, is it possible to find one's self?

7:00 and 9:00 PM
Closing Night: The Things We Carry
77 min
Directed by: Ian McCrudden

On her travels, thrill-seeking wanderer Emmie receives a letter informing her that her junkie mother has passed away and left her a mysterious package. She goes back home to face an estranged sister and all the troubles she left behind.


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