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2009 P.O.V (Point-of-View) Youth Filmmaker Workshop

2009 P.O.V (Point-of-View) Youth Filmmaker Workshop
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Washington DC — Asian Pacific American Film (APA Film) announces the 3rd year of the P.O.V. Workshop, a youth filmmaking training program designed to empower and provide a voice to local Asian Pacific American youth by teaching them the art of movie-making. The P.O.V. Youth Filmmaker Workshop program consists of a series of workshops taking place over the course of six consecutive weekends, during which participants will learn the necessary skills and steps to create a short film from conception to completion.

P.O.V. aims to encourage the artistic development of young people within our community between the ages of 16 to 19, by giving them hands-on experience in the techniques of filmmaking. Students will receive valuable insight into the creative and technical strategies essential for conceptualizing, developing, and producing films. Classes will involve a wide range of topics that will give students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and put it to immediate use.

The P.O.V. workshop will also provide an opportunity to showcase students’ work to the general public. Participants will work together to create a final short film that will premiere during the 10th annual DC APA Film Festival.

The workshop will be led by Grace Choi, Jenny Kim, Gina Rhee, Mike Song, and Chris Tsou and will feature local filmmakers and professionals as guest instructors. They will share their expertise and expose students to various types of jobs available in the film industry. Classes will be held each Saturday from July 11 to August 15, at a metro-accessible location in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Applications must be postmarked by June 15th. Selected applicants will be notified by Saturday, June 27th via email. Applications are available on our festival website,, and can be submitted by:
Email: pov[at], or

Fax: (831) 299-6544, or

2008 P.O.V. Workshop
c/o Chris Tsou
P.O. Box 58205
Washington, DC 20037

Any questions or comments regarding the 2009 P.O.V. Workshop can be forwarded to the APA Film phone number at (202) 683-8789 or pov[at]

Download Application:

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POV Application 2009 (Word)

POV Application 2009 (PDF)

POV Release Form 2009 (Word)

POV Release Form 2009 (PDF)

Download 2009 P.O.V. Workshop Flyer

2009 POV Youth Filmmaking Workshop Flyer


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