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Sentenced Home

The Jack Morton Auditorium

Saturday, Sep 30th, 2006 - 3:00 PM

Community Sponsors: SEARAC, Liberty & Justice For All, Detention Watch, Foreign Policy in Focus

Thanks to CAPAL for helping to promote this screening

$7 for non-students/$5 for students with ID
Tickets available at the door only 1/2 hour before screening.  Cash only, please.

We'll be giving away $250 in books courtesy of Foreign Policy in Focus at this screening

Cost: $7/$5
Sentenced Home
Documentary Feature
Nicole Newnham
David Grabias
Running Time:
This compelling documentary tracks the stories of three Cambodian refugees who fled from the Khmer Rouge and were brought to America as children in the 1980s. While growing up in the United States, these young immigrants each broke the law and served time in jail. As adults, they have subsequently built new lives with families, children, and jobs. Their pasts come back to haunt them as new changes in U.S. immigration laws post 9/11 threaten to rip them, and many others like them, away from their families to be deported to a country and culture they hardly remember.

Filmmakers David Grabias and Nicole Newnham take us to the heart-breaking core of an issue facing many immigrants today, exploring the conflict of humanity versus policy.
English, Khmer w/E.S.

Official Selection at the 2006 San Francisco Asian American Film Festival, Audience Award Winner

A panel discussion and Q & A will follow the film. The panelists include the filmmaker, cast, and community advocates.