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Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

Sunday, Oct 1st, 2006 - 1:00 PM

Community Sponsors: Nicklaus-Scott, Inc. and FYP-DC

Cost: FREE
Narrative Feature
Keith Sicat
Sari Dalena
Running Time:
A visually expressive story from directors/producers Sari Dalena and Keith Sicat, RIGODON examines the precarious relationships of a group of Filipino immigrants whose lives intertwine in a post 9/11 immigration-sensitive time of INS crackdowns in New York City. The film belies their labors with scenes that dance in a flow of colors and music as they face a multitude of personal trials: their everyday dreams, their loneliness and need for love, friendship, companionship, and their efforts to survive with the risks and compromises they need to take.

RIGODON indulges the eye with the surreal imagery of art that moves from scene to scene. With minimal dialogue, the film projects an artistic lens to convey the daily struggles and the practicality of all immigrants' dreams. Renowned and award-winning Filipino stars Joel Torre and Chin Chin Gutierrez, and the U.S.-based Arthur Acu bring authenticity to their character's plights.
English, Tagalog w/E.S.

Filmmaker In Attendance