AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center - October 12, 2005 - 9:05 PM

Cost: $9.25
Ticket Code: 1012C

Documentary Feature
Ali Kazimi
Running Time:
In 1914, the Komagata Maru, a Japanese ship chartered by Sikh businessman Gurdit Singh, reached Canada but was promptly denied entry into port due to the questionable nature of the ship’s contents: 376 passengers of Indian descent, veterans of the British India Army seeking to settle on land they fought for. Trapping the passengers on board with no provisions just yards from shore, Canadian authorities scrambled for two months to uphold the exclusionary wording of a policy called the Continuous Journey Regulation, and began to surround the boat with troops.

This little known incident in British Canadian colonial history culminates with a stand-off in Vancouver Harbor, multiple assassinations, and the ship's return to India only to be attacked by British authorities. Director Ali Kazimi combines newly discovered archival footage with modern musings on the nature of citizenship and belonging, while questioning the lengths that imperial governments will go to in the name of national security.

English and Punjab/Urdu w/E.S.